Description of the module specific resources that are provided for this practice:

Implementation Checklist

The implementation checklist offers a way to document the implementation of the practice based on the same implementation steps provided in the learning module. The module sequence was designed to support your implementation of the EBP and are based on the research articles identified in the evidence-base.

Parent & Practitioner Practice Guide

This information guide is a two-page reference sheet that can be downloaded and printed in PDF format for information and quick tips on the EBP.

EBP Fact Sheet

The EBP fact sheet is an excerpt from the 2014 EBP Report and contains the definition of the intervention, the type of outcomes it has generated, the age range of participants, and citations for the specific articles that provide the evidence for the efficacy of the practice.

Sample Data Sheets

Example of data tables that have been provided in the learning module and practice scenarios are available here for download.